1. Foresite

    Location Intelligent Reporting harnessing the power of Microsoft Virtual Earth and AJAX.
    Virtual Earth , ASP.NET, AJAX, Oracle DB, Outsourcing

  2. Steel London

    Rapid web sites development powered by Steel London designs and Kentico CMS.
    Kentico CMS, ASP.NET, AJAX, Outsourcing

  3. Warholl vs Banksy

    Web site for the first ever exhibition of works by Banksy and Andy Warhol.
    Graphic design, Flash, ASP.NET, Custom CMS

  4. Art Access and Research

    Art technical, historical and provenance information in a single online database.
    EPiServer CMS, Graphic design, SQL Server, ASP.NET

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[Feb-2011] Partnership with Vintage Productions

We are happy to announce new .NET development outsourcing contract with with Vintage Productions, Belgium.

[May-2010] MasterKey development

Vimanet + InMente work together on MasterKey, a best-in-class Employee Performance Management suite.

VIMANET Poland: Al. 29 Listopada 75/6 31-425 Kraków, Polska, T: +48 12 411 08 02, vimanet@vimanet.com
VIMANET Norway: Hamborg gate 15, 3018 Drammen, Norway, T: +47 41 41 50 97, norway@vimanet.com