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Founded in 2007 by technology enthusiasts in Poland, Vimanet focuses on providing high-end development services to clients around the world; our clients range from small startups, all the way to large multi-national enterprises. Our deep and varied experience allows us to continuously deliver state of the art software innovation in a wide range of fields - from web development, B2B platform architecture design, all the way to chatbot development and FinTech solutions, to name a few.

As can be seen, the services on offer at Vimanet vary greatly, and our software delivery skills, commitment and experience have always been well received by all our business partners and clients.

Our values

We care about constant and open communication with our clients, based especially on trust, honesty and professionalism.


We are a team of experts, where quality, work ethics, experience and knowledge are the key values which Vimanet revolves around.

We do not work for our clients, however, we work alongside our clients - our team will become a part of your business.


We cover the full product development life cycle - all the way from design and development, to post go-live maintenance.

We are located in Poland, in the center of Europe. We have global experience, backed by a solid European working mindset.


We focus on developing long term partnerships with clients that we aim to make last for many years.

All can be achieved thanks to Vimanet’s great employees.

These are people that are reliable, loyal, committed, open-minded, honest, creative, motivated, positive, inspiring, passionate, respectful and curious.


Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Company culture

At Vimanet, we are an HR-less company since we believe that people are not just ‘resources’. For us, our employees’ happiness is the key ingredient driving our business’ success. Being supportive, positive and satisfying our employees’ eagerness to learn with opportunities are the virtues that we are most proud of.

Improvement is a never ending process; thus, we are always searching for new ways to better what we do. How? Through the means of constant learning, trainings, conferences, books, online courses and knowledge sharing.

Vimanet has been built with both an international mindset and high standards at the foundations. We expect all our employees to hold both constant and open dialogue, and to be frank about not only their successes, however, also any challenges which they may be facing.

We do not simply treat our client as a revenue stream, each project is an intellectual challenge that allows us to share our knowledge, use our skills, improve and learn something new.

Leadership team

We are a team of 20 engineers that always aim to go above and beyond than what is simply expected.


Krzysztof Korbel

CEO & Owner


Łukasz Bargieł

Chief Operating Officer


Paweł Madurski

Solution Architect


Krystian Knapik

Team Lead / Senior .Net Developer

At Vimanet we understand that the people and their subsequent knowledge are the most valuable asset of any company. We form a tailored creative and dynamic team for our clients of experienced professionals.

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Our partners


Kentico Implementation Partner


Microsoft Azure and Silver Certified Partner


EpiServer Solution Partner