28 Aug 2017

At Vimanet, we are proud of the quality, reliability, and value we provide our clients. We are now happy to share their positive reviews over our services through the help of Clutch, a B2B market research firm.

Clutch analysts conducted independent and in-depth telephone interviews with our clients to gather their ratings and reviews over our projects. The full results are showcased on Vimanet’s very own company profile.

One might ask why our overall rating is a 4.8 instead of a 5.0 -- we are actually happy to see that! We welcome our clients’ honesty and acknowledge our imperfections, knowing that their feedback helps us improve,  and as we all know, there are always things to improve on. With the motivation from our clients, we continue to strengthen our goal of reaching higher standards and delivering high-quality results. Our team is truly dedicated to learning and growing, and we are proud our clients believe so as well. Here are a few things they have had to say:

“They’re constantly working to improve what they’re working on. We definitely feel that they are not just laborers, but team members, and integral to growing our business.”

“Where Vimanet really set themselves apart is the fact that they would challenge us, saying, ‘Why'd you want to do it like that for? There's a better way of doing it.’ That's what you want from a partner.”

“[T]hey really try to understand what it is I’m really after, and then come up with solutions on a technological platform that can actually deliver it.”

We invite you to visit our Clutch profile to learn more about our work, and we look forward to the growth of opportunities from our partnership with Clutch!