Web app to predict the capacity of building spaces and generate a technical description for all types of HVAC engineers

Partnership ongoing since April 2018
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Our client cooperates with the HVAC  sector (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems) and uses a lot of solutions connected to the construction and building industry. The client’s software is used by various specialists such as architects, HVAC engineers and system designers. The main goal was to increase the productivity and effectiveness of all specialists and to connect all areas of the business. Moreover, the software had to be optimized and made easier to use. 



The HVAC sector frequently uses Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data models that describe both architectural and construction industry data. Engineers spend their workdays maintaining various control systems. To prevent this issue and to optimize all aspects of the engineers’ work, we proposed the HVAC Software. The software provides two modules for different types of end-users to allow a smooth flow of information. One of the modules concerns calculations, the other on technical descriptions. The module for ventilation system engineers was delivered first. How does it work? The architect uploads the IFC file and the system analyses the data and generates the floor plan. Then, the engineers use this data to prepare instructions and upload them to the system. The system models predict the capacity of the space and generate a technical description. 


The App is a cloud-based construction management software that combines many aspects of project management. Engineers can generate a floor plan image quickly, creating attractive and professional designs, choose 3D beam modelling or can easily estimate the heat energy demand. In the future, users will be able to utilize a sizeable predefined database of construction elements and adjust their quantities, costs, or markups. The web app is constantly enhanced due to AI and machine learning.


What we did

Business Analysis

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Web Development




They have good will and intellect to understand complex problem and also take care of them in the best way.


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